Balanced Traits ~ Predictability ~ Profitability

​JT Moreland Farms LLC
  • "These calves get up quick, get on the teet, and do everything they are supposed to. Before long they're jumping around full of vigor. Been a long time since I've had a bull that had calves do that so well!"

    Bob Wing
    Custer, Michigan

  • "I want to thank you for selling me those cattle they have really performed well in my herd. It was a pleasure dealing with JT Moreland Farms and I hope to be able to purchase more cattle from you in the future!"

    Todd Black
    Black Livestock
    ​Milton, West Virginia
  • "JT Moreland Farms values necessity traits like mothering ability, reasonable birthweights, maternal calving ease, fleshing ability on harvested forage and grass, fertility and end product merit. Today, the majority of their cows calve outdoors, unsupervised, rain, snow, sleet, or shine. Josh and Tiffany have totally bought into our philosophy regarding beef cattle production. To their credit, they have come full circle in an astoundingly short period of time and have demonstrated a rare commitment to being a trusted source for high quality, problem free seedstock. Congratulations Josh and Tiffany!​"

​        Aaron & Tara Rasmussen
          A&T Cattle Co. 
​          Hay Springs, Nebraska

Testimonials from our partners and our customers

  • "I have purchased steers, replacement heifers, cows, and now a bull from JT Moreland Farms. They have provided both pre-sale knowledge and after the sale service. I like the direction they are headed with moderate cows and Shorthorn influence which is part of the reason I chose to invest in a JTM bull." 

    Clint Brubaker
    ​Eaton, Ohio