Balanced for the Cowman

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Commercially Committed... Balanced for the Cowman


We have a strong history of retrieving ultrasound and carcass data. We also compile all kinds of performance reporting data so that we can find the right bull to fit into your program. Contact us to come visit or to reserve your replacement heifers or bulls.

At JT Moreland Farms our goal is to breed cattle that excel in all areas necessary to be successful in the beef industry. We believe by keeping a maternal British base while also instituting other breeds into the mix that compliment and give additional positive attributes we can achieve this. Utilizing heterosis/hybrid vigor through crossbreeding "like kind" animals is how we aim to maximize the efficiency and profitability of our cattle. We feel it's most important to start out with live calves, that's why our priority in our breeding decisions and culling practices focus around convenience traits. We like to think of them as profit traits. Calving ease, low birth weight, correct shape and bone at birth, calf vigor, cow maternal instinct, udder quality, hoof quality, and fertility are all at the top of our priority list. We focus on moderate framed cows, feed efficiency, and breeding like kind to like kind.  We realize that a moderate framed purebred British Cow with great convenience traits can't do everything. That is where the Cross Bred Cow comes into play. We feel it is the key to better cow fertility, milking ability, health, longevity, docility and growth performance. 

Balanced Traits ~ Predictability ~ Profitability

  • Bulls that are masculine, aggressive breeders. Low BW, CE, CEM, feed efficient, with the ability to sire high quality carcass animals.

  • Heifers with good tight udders, fertility, docility, hoof quality, and mothering ability all in a moderate feed efficient package.

  • A chance to add hybrid vigor, heterosis, and docility while maintaining marbling. Crossbred replacements can add 25% more calf pounds over their lifetime!

Balance ~ Predictability ~ Profitability