10-25-2019 Carcass results are here!

  • We are beyond excited about our carcass results in 2019! On 27 head fed out at Lincoln County Feedyard in Nebraska we had 18% Prime, 82% Choice, and 0% Selects. Our Yield grade average for the whole group was very good at 3.0. Only 1 head out of 27 went YG 4! These are the results we have been working towards and only hope to continue to improve upon them. These results came from the lowest $Profit Indexed calves from our 2018 calf crop. The top calves went on to be seedstock bulls at Leachman Cattle of Colorado, sold as bred heifers, and retained as bred heifers for us. We will continue to balance all traits, maternal first, while attempting to continue to improve our carcass traits. 

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Balanced Traits ~ Predictability ~ Profitability

Bred Cows and Bred Heifers for sale! 

  • We will have approximately 10 bred cows for sale this fall. All bred to Leachman Excalibur. 

  • Huge Opportunity Here! We will have bred heifers available this summer. Our top 50% of our heifer crop from 2018 are in Iowa currently getting feed tested for Intake and Feed Efficiency. We will keep about half of those heifers and will be ready to sell about a dozen or so. They will be AI'd to top Leachman calving ease sires Leachman Decree, Leachman Devout, and cleaned up by our new Herd Sire Leachman Order S439F. $1800 each.
    ​Contact Josh if interested. 937-336-1088 Sold!



A legend is gone...

We are sad to announce that A&T Renegade 124 was put down. He was almost 7 years old and the only thing wrong with him was he did too many things right. He improved literally every single trait in everything we bred him too. Whether it was Shorthorn or SimAngus cross genetics he took them and improved them. In one generation he turned around every trait in a cow from udder quality to mature weight to calf vigor to mothering ability. As the rest of the breed chased growth and ribeye Renegade created the optimal type of Shorthorn female. The female you would want to grow a herd around. The decision to put down this bull was tough but we have to move on. Thankfully we move on with a lot of influence from this great bull that are crossing extremely well with Stabilizer genetics. 

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