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JT Moreland Farms partners with the Rieger Family from Plevna, Montana!

2017 Herd Sire prospect sired by Leachman Apostle

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​A very successful day yesterday at JT Moreland Farms. Pregnancy checks came back with 93.5% confirmed pregnancies. 100% heifer pregnancy and those that were open were older cows and several we wanted to get rid of anyway. About 95% of those bred were confirmed bred either AI or the next cycle. So overall we are very happy with those results. Our Herd bulls are Leachman Apostle U021B, Leachman Excalibur X828D. AI sires are Leachman Accelerate, Leachman Courageous, Leachman Visionary, Leachman Judge, Leachman Escalade, and A&T Renegade. Lot's of AI calves coming but just as excited about our Apostle and Excalibur calves.


2 yr. old BULLS FOR SALE

​At JT Moreland Farms we will be utilizing our own yearling bulls and then offering them for sale as a new program and way to get our customers what they want. We do this to get our latest and greatest genetics every year and also offer them to you. Contact us if you have interest in owning these bulls.

  • ​JTM Witness 514 (Leachman Testify out of an A&T Renegade daughter) $2500 ​SOLD
  •  JTM Spartan 517E (GS&J Captain Rob 3X out of the dam of A&T/JTM Sentinel Prime). $2500 SOLD
  • JTM Titleist 601E (Purebred Shorthorn, low bw, great maternal and necessity traits, + growth ratios)   $2500  Still Available!

2017 Herd Sire Prospects!!! These bulls are still available as of 1/2018

We will be offering close to a dozen very high quality Leachman sired bulls off the farm this year. This is a rare opportunity. We have a very deep set and can find one that better suits your exact goals in your operation due to our data collections. Come find your next herd sire here at JT Moreland Farms. Call us and schedule a time to come view the calves. Our star rating system and list of calves are below.

Here's how it works! You pick which bull you want. Those who come early get to pick from the most. You can choose to take your bull home as a weaned calf or have us develop your bull, get him a breeding soundness exam, and ultrasound data. Then you pick up the bull in the spring. Two options, same price. 

  • $2,500 each (New price as of 4-2018)
  • $500 non refundable down payment to reserve your bulls.


A legend is gone...

We are sad to announce that A&T Renegade 124 was put down. He was almost 7 years old and the only thing wrong with him was he did too many things right. He improved literally every single trait in everything we bred him too. Whether it was Shorthorn or SimAngus cross genetics he took them and improved them. In one generation he turned around every trait in a cow from udder quality to mature weight to calf vigor to mothering ability. As the rest of the breed chased growth and ribeye Renegade created the optimal type of Shorthorn female. The female you would want to grow a herd around. The decision to put down this bull was tough but we have to move on. Thankfully we move on with a lot of influence from this great bull that are crossing extremely well with Stabilizer genetics. 

Leachman 18 Karat.

Apostle as a yearling bull


Balanced Traits ~ Predictability ~ Profitability


Today starts a new chapter at JT Moreland Farms and we couldn’t be more excited about it. We took delivery of 43 young stabilizer cows from the Rieger family in Plevna, Montana. The Rieger’s have been with Leachman Cattle of Colorado raising maternal Stabilizers for 20 years and raising composite cattle for over 40 years. They’ve bred many great AI bulls including Leachman 18 Karat and Leachman Big Gene. These cows come from open country in Montana where cattle have to work hard. They will further solidify the quality of genetics we can supply to Leachman Cattle of Colorado and give us more outstanding genetics to build on.