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Complete daughter

Leachman Miner W664G

Excalibur heifer calf

Leachman Order S439F - Sold!
Just take a look at his curve bender potential from BW to YW! We feel he has pretty much all things in "order" if you will. Order has proven to be a 5 star calving ease bull and the calves are showing very good growth! Contact Josh or Leachmans for semen. 

Order heifer calf 

 U021B put us on the map and continued our direction towards a multi breed composite that performs on every level. His first calf crop gave us some really good herd sire prospects that went on to average $5,000 in the 2017 Leachman Spring Sale. We are very grateful for the stamp he put on our program. Apostle sold in 2019. 

With our commitment within the Leachman Cooperator system we are very excited to announce our new addition of Leachman Miner W664G. Miner is unmatched for $Ranch at $125! The ground breaking index $Ranch is the multi trait index that tracks the most important things for building a profitable herd into the future. These traits include Fertility, optimal milk, weaning growth, cow feed intake, and mature size to name a few. W664G combines this top 0.1% $Ranch with excellent carcass traits in a heifer safe calving ease option. Add in his great docility, 5 star maternal, and 4 star phenotype and there's not a hole to find in this guy. This Stabilizer is the new go to bull for your heifers and cows! We are super excited about what he will do for us! Conventional and sexed heifer semen will be available for the spring 2021 breeding season!

Leachman Excalibur X828D
$Profit  $17,615

Leachman Excalibur is an amazing physical specimen and that's how he stamps out his calves. Great phenotype on the calves, very good performance, and great feed efficiency. He has made some amazing cows to build upon. 

History and progression of herd building Sires:

Leachman Order S439F (2019)

A&T Renegade 124 (2012)

Balanced Traits ~ Predictability ~ Profitability

GS&J Captain Rob 3X (2013)

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TG/RRA Complete 421U (2011)

Leachman Apostle U021B (2015)

Leachman Apostle U021B​

Leachman Excalibur X828D (2017)

Apostle sired bull calf

Excalibur daughter on left, Captain Rob daughter on right

Excalibur daughter

MINER at 16 months!

Renegade daughter with calf