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​Matthew 6:33

​​​​​JT Moreland Farms LLC

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Who We Are

JT Moreland Farms LLC is operated by Josh and Tiffany Moreland just outside the small rural village of Camden, Ohio. Since the beginning in 2003 we have learned a lot about what cattle are suppose to do and what cattle are not suppose to do. One positive thing about past experiences are the lessons and real world proof of the difference in cattle that work for you compared to cattle that make you work for them... 

~ In 2010 we sought out the expertise of local cattleman Larry Shafer of Shafer Farms to help us locate approximately 45 black commercial cross bred cows. This purchase set us up with some of the most powerful Sim-Angus cross cows in the region. Since then we have sifted and sorted through with harsh culling practices on these cows to keep only the best and their offspring.

~ In 2011 we sought out a bull that could change the course of JT Moreland Farms and boy did we find that bull. We purchased A&T Renegade 124, a Purebred Shorthorn bull from A&T Cattle Co. out of Hay Springs, Nebraska. Renegade proved to be prepotent in so many ranch friendly traits like low BW, calving ease, udder improvement, mature size moderation, calf vigor, docility, and the list goes on.

~ In the severe droughts of 2011 and 2012 the Rasmussen's experienced a horrible prairie fire that destroyed much of their pastures. After the purchase of Renegade a friendship developed between Josh and Aaron which then led to an opportunity for JT Moreland Farms to lease Purebred Shorthorn and Shorthorn cross cows along with a young bull named GS&J Captain Rob 3X from A&T Cattle Co. in 2013.  This partnership then evolved into our acquisition of these cattle from A&T Cattle Co. in January of 2016. Captain Rob 3X has turned out to be yet another amazing Shorthorn bull siring the same maternally efficient, range friendly traits that make you love being a cattleman.

~ The year of 2016 brought even more excitement with our acceptance as a cooperator herd with Leachman Cattle of Colorado. Leachman Cattle of Colorado are one of the top seedstock suppliers in the world in terms of quantity and quality. Their system is unmatched for proving genetics through massive data collection by cooperators and the creation of their own data system and industry pioneering index $Profit. We will be working closely with them and supplying them with bulls and heifers to sell in their sales under the LCoC brand.

~ Josh Moreland, Owner